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Cookie policy

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This policy has been edited and customised for the visitors of the website The present document cancels and entirely replaces the previous document concerning the cookies policy.

Specific concise information concerning personal data shall be cited or visualised in the web pages dedicated to particular services on request that involve forms for data collection. Users are also informed that in order to provide a full service our website might include links to other websites that are not managed by Vezzani Spa. Vezzani Spa  is not to be held responsible for any mistake, content, cookie, publication of immoral/illicit contents, advertisement, banner or file that does not comply with the statutory provisions in force or breach the Privacy Policy, pertaining to websites that are not managed by the data controller.

Parties concerned: users of the website
Vezzani Spa, acting as data controller pursuant to the Legislative Decree n.196 dated 30th June 2003 (Code of conduct and professional practice regarding the processing of personal data, hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Code”), hereby informs the users of this website that pursuant to the aforementioned legislation, their personal data shall be fairly and lawfully processed, in accordance with the principles of fairness, legitimacy, transparency and protection of users’ privacy and rights.
Information and personal data provided by users or acquired through the use of the website will be processed in accordance with the aforementioned legislation and the required confidentiality obligations.

Types of processed data

Browsing Data

  • IP addresses or computer domain names and other devices that connect to the website;
  • URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources and any related time information;
  • Parameters regarding the operating system and the computing environment of the users;
  • Entry and exit pages;
  • Browsing Index and identification behaviours during web-browsing.

Personal data voluntarily provided by the user: optional, explicit and voluntary sending of emails to the addresses indicated on this website as well as voluntary filling of any form found on this website will result in the subsequent acquisition of the user’s personal data (e.g. name, surname and email address). Specific concise information concerning personal data shall be cited or visualised in the web pages were the forms are provided.

Purposes of data processing: users’ data collected whilst browsing the website will be processed for the following purposes:

  • Planning of operations strictly related and aimed at the management of the relationship with users or web-visitors.
  • collection, storage and processing of users’ data for:
  • statistical analysis also on anonymous or aggregate basis;
  • statistical analysis aimed at assessing the quality of the services offered by the website.

Data required for the purposes stated at point 1. are compulsory. Failing to provide the required information or providing wrong data could limit and/or hinder the full availability of the website’s functionalities and services.
Provision of data for the purposes stated at point 2. is optional and failure to provide them won’t compromise the website’s functionalities and services. As far as optional provision of data is concerned, further information regarding cookies in this website can be found in the following document cookie policy (click here) or by clicking on the banner below.

Data processing procedures: personal data are processed through manual, electronical and automated systems, in accordance with art. 130 of the Code. Cookies can also be used for data collection but strictly for the lenght of time required to achieve planned purposes. Every data processing complies with the requirements of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 by adopting the basic and appropriate security measures.
SOFTLAYER, located in the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of data associated with the web services. Data are stored in the head offices where the physical servers are. 

Communication: users’ data are processed within the company by authorised staff appointed by the Data Controller (to see this list, users should contact the data controller).

Users’ data can be disclosed to third parties, such as:

  • External providers;
  • Companies responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary website maintenance.

Circulation of datausers’ data will not be circulated

Third parties: Users’ data are also collected through services and tools provided by third parties and they can therefore store them. For further information users should refer to the cookies policy and to the following links:
Google Analytics: -
Google maps:
Social: see details in the cookies policy
Flash cookies: see details in the cookies policy

Data controller: the party responsible for personal data processing, in compliance with the Law, is the undersigned Company Vezzani Spa in the person of its pro tempore legal representative.

Users can demand and obtain from the data controller the cancellation, communication, update, correction and integration of their personal data as well as exercise their legal rights as provided by art. 7 of the Privacy Code (please see below).

Application of the present policy
In case of doubts regarding the present policy, users should contact Vezzani Spa. by sending an email to
Changes to the present legislation
Vezzani Spa. reserves the right to update the present legislation to adapt it to the supervening law, taking into due consideration the suggestions of employees, clients, collaborators and users.
If Vezzani Spa. decides to make any changes, the word “update” will appear next to the link “Website Policy” in the Privacy section on the home page of
In the event of substantial amendments to the policy Vezzani Spa.  will ensure their visibility on the website.

Legislative Decree n. 196/2003: Art. 7 – Access right to personal data and other rights

1. The party concerned has the right to be made aware of the existance of personal data, albeit not yet registered, and to have them communicated to him/her in an intelligible form.

2. The party concerned has the right to receive information regarding:
a) the source of personal data;
b) the purposes and procedures of data processing;
c) the procedures involved in case of data processing through electronic tools;
d) identification data of the data controller, responsible people and designated representative in pursuance of art. 5 sub-s 2;
e) subjects or categories of subjects that might receive personal data or might obtain them as designated representatives in the national territory, as responsible persons or as persons in charge.

3. The party concerned is entitled to:

a) the update, correction and, when requested, the integration of data;
b) the deletion, anonymisation or interruption of unlawfully processed data, including the ones whose storage is not required in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed;
c) the proof that recipients of conveyed or disclosed personal data have been made aware of the below-mentioned operations a and b, unless the fulfillment of the obligation proves impossible or involves a series of disproportionate efforts comparted with the right to protect.

4. The party concerned has the right to object, fully or partially:

a) on legitimate grounds to the processing of his/her personal data, albeit appropriate to the purpose of the data collection;
b) to the processing of his/her personal data for advertising purposes, commercial communications, direct sale or market researches.

BANNER: Please note that this website also uses third-party cookies. For further information please refer to the cookies policy. To disable all or some cookies please click here. By continuing to browse the site you automatically accept the use of cookies.
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Cookie policy

(Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority dated 8th May 2014 and published on the Official Gazette n.126 on 3rd June 2014 in accordance with Directive 2002/58/CE)

This document is an integral part of the Website and Cookie Policy and it has been edited in this manner for the sole purpose of helping the reader understand how to enable and disable cookies.
Users can set their preferences regarding the cookies used by the website (please see detailed list “types of cookies” below) also by managing the settings of the browser/s according to the below instructions. Furthermore, users can “surf anonymously” and no information will be stored e.g. the websites they have visited or  the passwords they have inserted.

How to disable cookies
Warning: by disabling all types of cookies (including technical ones) some functionalities of the website might be reduced or unavailable.


To disable Analytic Cookies and prevent Google Analitycs from collecting browsing data, please download the component from:
To disable Google Cookies please visit:

Flash Cookies

To disable Flash Cookies please use Adobe Flash tools available at:

To disable the types of cookies used by this website directly from the browser:


Internet Explorer




If using a Web browser not listed above, users should refer to the documentation or online guide of that browser to get the required information. The Data Controller acts as a mere technical intermediary for the links listed in this document and cannot be held responsible should any change occur.

Cookies are text strings of small dimensions sent from the websites visited by the user to the user’s terminal (usually to the browser) where they are stored to be retransmitted to those same websites at the user’s next access. The Data Protection Authority’s provision concerns not only cookies but also web beacons/bugs, clear GIFs and other similar tools that allow the identification of the user or the terminal.
When browsing a website, the user’s terminal can also receive cookies sent from different websites or webservers (so called “third parties”). They can include elements such as images, maps, sounds and specific links to pages of other domains that are available on the website users are browsing.
Often cookies in users’ browsers are high in number and can persist for a good length of time. They have different objectives: carry out e-authentications, monitor sessions, store information about specific configurations related to those users who access the server, etc. Further info dbout cookies are available at:
In order to correcly regulate cookies, it is imperative to differentiate them. Since they can’t be discerned by technical specifications, they are sorted according to their purpose. In this respect the legislator, implementing the regulations of Directive 2009/136/CE, has required the prior and informed consent of users regarding the installation of those cookies intended for other than merely technical purposes (art. 1, sub-s. 5, lett. a. of the  legislative decree n. 69 dated 28th May 2012, that modified art. 122 of the Code).  

Further info about the cookies used in the website:
When visiting this website “first party cookies” (generated and used in this website) and “thirdy party cookies” (generated in this website by third parties) can be injected in the computer or other devices. Please note that if cookies are disabled users might benefit only partially of the the services and functionalities of this website. In order to help users decide which cookies to enable/disable when browsing, a detailed description is provided below.  

Types of cookies

Browsing Cookies

These cookies ensure the smooth running of the website and the connection between the server and the user’s browser. They also allow website contents to be displayed on the user’s device. Without cookies some functionalities might be unavailable (log-in or basket for online shopping). Browsing cookies are technical cookies and they are required for the website to run correctly.

Functional Cookies

These cookies are stored in the user’s computer or other device. Users, depending on their requirements, will be reminded of their previously-stored browsing choices to enjoy a better and customised service when accessing and browsing this website (e.g. password, selected language and items in the shopping basket are saved and made available at the next session when users will also be allowed to leave a comment on the blog).
Functional Cookies are not essential for the smooth running of the website, but they improve the browsing experience.

Analytic Cookies

These cookies collect information about the user’s activity on the website, e.g. most-visited webpages. This website uses third-party cookies: Google Analytics. Google provides and manages a statistical analysis service that allows to anonymously analyse the way users browse the website. Information generated by the cookie about the user’s use of the website (including IP address) are transmitted to and stored by Google’s servers.
Further info about Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy are available at: 
Analytic Cookies are not essential for the smooth running of the website. 

Social Network Cookies

These cookies enable the interaction between the user’s social account and this website and are not essential for the smooth running of the website. They are generally used to share social networks’ contents. The presence of plugins triggers cookies transmission from and to all third-party-managed websites. The management of information collected from third parties is disciplined  by the corresponding regulations users are advised to refer to. In order to provide greater transparency and convenience, users can find below some useful links concerning various regulations about cookies and some suggestions on cookies management.
Facebook policy:
Facebook (configuration): log into the account. Go to the Privacy section.
Twitter policy:
Twitter (configuration):
Linkedin policy:
Linkedin (configuration):
Google+ policy:
Google+ (configuration):

Cookies providing interactive maps

These cookies allow users to generate customisable interactive maps within this website. relies on Google Maps to provide detailed information about the location of its head office (for futher information users should refer to  Google's Combined Privacy Policy, including also information about Google Maps cookies
These cookies are not essential for the smooth running of the website.  

Flash Cookies

In certain cases this website can use Adobe Flash Player to provide some contents, such as video clips or animations. Flash cookies are stored in the user’s device but they are managed through a different interface than the one provided by the user’s browser.  
For this reason the browser cannot manage Flash cookies. Users are required to visit to get access to Flash management tools. Adobe website provides exhaustive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies. Further information can be found at: cookies are not essential for the smooth running of the website. However, when disabled or blocked, they  might prevent access to some contents of this website.

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