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The constant research of the perfection has led Vezzani to compare with a forefront production system able t ogive the steel some fascinating shake of contemporary art developing some work of art that couldn’t be possible until some years ago.
The cast steel needs expensive equipment and the use of fine materials but the possibility to develop work of art of rare beauty has been the challenge of the latest years, a challenge that Vezzani has always lives as leader company.


The main character of the funeral art both for its historical tradition and its qualities of a very long life is bronze that can be worked in different ways: from the most ancient but even the most important: the lost-wax casting. The freedom of size and shapes, the use of high quality raw materials and the exclusive design originality underline the artistic advantage of the bronzes of Vezzani in an elegant collection of exclusive proposals.
The sand casting is another plug of Vezzani’s quality. Thanks to a rational organization of men and means, the Fonderia d’Arte Vezzani is able to develop diversified production methods using for each project the most suitable system to obtain the maximum result.
The Fonderia d’Arte Vezzani is not only art and craft skill but also the safety of an exclusive technology that expresses in the die-casting the summary of professionalism and research. The final quality of millions of pieces depends on the perfection of every single mould, the constant and serious control of every production stage depends on the professionalism of the operators. The result is a wide and diversified production characterized by high and constant quality standards.


It’s in porcelain that Vezzani is excellent, developing that summary of tradition and innovation characterizing the inimitable style of its products. The secret of porcelain is in its strength that is so ethereal to seem mysterious but it must testimony the reliability of a company during centuries, the professionalism and the commitment of men that made it so well known in the world. This new material includes in its delicate superficiality a strong resistance in time and against the inclemency of weather not requiring maintenance and matching easily to every type of surface.


Is the name of this material that offers the product the vintage effect.
The matching of different alkaline powders with special glues and the following painting with vintage effect make this particular material an aesthetically valid alternative and easy to match.

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